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SpinTech MRI Presents STAGE at ASNR 2021

By: Karen Holzberger, President & CEO of SpinTech MRI

SpinTech MRI is excited to debut STAGE, our new MRI software platform that’s pending FDA 510(k) clearance, at ASNR 2021. STAGE provides rapid, quantitative and standardized multi-contrast imaging which can reduce brain MRI acquisition times by over 40%.

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SpinTech MRI Presents STAGE at ASNR 2021 3

SpinTech MRI’s ASNR Discussion

In case you missed it as ASNR, SpinTech MRI President Ward Detwiler co-hosted a special Theater Session with STAGE-user Dr. Murray Solomon, highlighting clinical applications of STAGE and its impact on his practice. They also discuss SpinTech MRI’s suite of AI/ML biomarker detection & quantification tools, as well as advanced use cases of STAGE.

You can now view the full Innovation Theater Session below!

Introducing STAGE: Clinical applications of rapid, quantitative, multi-contrast imaging

Presented by:
Ward Detwiler, President & CEO, SpinTech MRI
Dr. Murray Solomon, Medical Director, InSight – Los Gatos MRI
Mark Haacke, PhD – Founder & Chief Science Officer, SpinTech MRI

Session: Innovation Theater Session

STAGE’s Featured Abstract for ASNR 2021:


STAGE is a MRI software platform that enables rapid, quantitative, and standardized multi-contrast brain imaging, reducing MRI acquisition times by up to 40%. STAGE provides radiologists with enhanced-contrast image outputs for better visualization of critical biomarkers, while also providing quantitative maps that aren’t generated with conventional scan protocols.

STAGE is already used by over 60 global research sites for advanced detection and quantification of biomarkers for conditions including dementia, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, stroke, tumors and more.

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