Stroke Detection Use Case

STAGE is designed to benefit imaging and replace standard GRE and SWI in the acute and follow-up setting due to its high sensitivity to blood product lesions in the brain in the form of cerebral microbleeds and thrombus as well as the short 5 minute acquisition time. Proper visualization of brain bleeding can be a critical factor in patient care.

What do we look for?

  • Cerebral Microbleeds
  • Asymmetrically Prominent Cortical Veins
  • Oxygenation State of Veins in the Draining Penumbra
  • Focal Stroke Lesion
  • Magnetic Resonance Angiography Flow Interruptions

The standardized STAGE protocol allows for baseline and longitudinal image comparison. Since images are acquired during the same acquisition, they are inherently co-registered with one another. STAGE
provides an MRA to locate arterial disruption in the major branches of the Circle of Willis.

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