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Get clearer, easier-to-read images in less time.

STAGE™ improves image clarity and gray-white matter differentiation from 30% faster scans for more confident, more efficient reads. Run just the protocols you need and generate additional views as needed without rescans.

What STAGE™ can do for you.


Rapid comprehensive imaging

STAGE™ uses proven physics to acquire fully sampled ground-truth data 30% faster than conventional methods.

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Read Scans With Clarity

Rapid post-processing improves image detail and contrast without affecting existing workflows.

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Quantitative date

STAGE™ makes quantitative MRI practical for everyday clinical use. Standardized data output from all scanners can be used for AI model training.

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See more detail and clearer GM/WM contrast from fully-sampled ground-truth data.

STAGE™ has the most sensitive and robust techniques for quantifying the progression of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. For TBI, we can see four to five times more micro-hemorrhages and correlate that with outcomes.

Dr. Karen Tong

Neuroradiologist - Loma Linda University Hospital

STAGE™ software enables our imaging center to detect TBI and microbleeds with both greater precision and speed. It’s essential information for helping patients obtain the correct diagnosis and get the ongoing care they require.

Ron Mallilo

Director of Operations - All County Radiology

The SpinTech MRI advantage

MRI: Head scan




Clinical advantages

The clinical advantages are clear: Reduce scan times. Provide better images for radiologists. Provide better information for neurologists and neurosurgeons. Deliver a better experience for patients.

Financial incentives

STAGE™ will transform your radiology department by streamlining workflows, improving patient throughput, increasing reimbursement, and elevating the patient experience.


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ASN 2023: The Arrival of Practical QSM Tools Enhanced for Everyday Clinical Practice

Attendees at this year’s American Society of Neuroimaging annual meeting will have their first opportunity to see and hear how quantitative MRI (qMRI) and quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) tools are now practical for – and being used in — everyday clinical practice. QSM is just one of the advanced outputs available with STAGE and is“ASN 2023: The Arrival of Practical QSM Tools Enhanced for Everyday Clinical Practice”

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Health system priorities for AI and two important questions for radiology leaders

A new report from UPMC’s Center for Connected Medicine and KLAS Research about the AI use cases that health systems are prioritizing over the next few years includes findings about plans for radiology AI that raise two important questions for neuroradiologists and healthcare leaders: Based on a survey of 58 executives and senior managers at“Health system priorities for AI and two important questions for radiology leaders”

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STAGE and the Promise and Challenges of New Alzheimer’s Drug Therapies

Radiologists, neurologists, Alzheimer’s patients and their families are rightfully encouraged by the range of new drugs in development to slow or reduce cognitive decline. At the start of 2023 there were 187 trials for 141 drugs addressing Alzheimer’s pathologies. Two drugs, aducanumab and lecanemab, have received accelerated FDA approval in the past two years. A“STAGE and the Promise and Challenges of New Alzheimer’s Drug Therapies”

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