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Speed with clarity.

Care without compromise.

Achieve clearer MRI brain scans. Maximize efficiency. Increase diagnostic confidence.

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Improve the Neuroimages you get from the MRI machines you’re already using.


Get more detail

Improve visualization and clarity.


In less time

Up to Thirty percent faster brain protocol times.


For better decisions

Practical access to quantitative data.

Sharper images —powered by the physics of MRI

STAGE™ significantly improves the quality of the images from your current MRI machines. Our platform is powered by the physics of MRI—not AI—so you get fully sampled, 3D data you can trust.

Your STAGE™ for better MRI imaging

STAGE™ is the platform that improves the images from your MRI machines without extending scan times. In fact, with STAGE™, you can scan up to 30% faster while gaining enhanced visualization and the ability to collect quantitative data.

Faster scans, greater throughput

STAGE™ reduces the time for MRI brain protocols up to 30% for your most common procedures, adding an extra 90–120 minutes of MRI scan time per day.

Clearer images, quantitative outputs

Get more from your images—much more. See greater detail. Gather quantitative data to help you measure disease progression with greater accuracy.

Works with a wide range of MRI machines

STAGE™ was developed independently of MRI manufacturers. It doesn’t require any hardware, so the platform can integrate seamlessly with virtually any machine.

Get on Stage

We work with some of the most respected partners in healthcare.

The SpinTech MRI advantage

Clinical advantages

The clinical advantages are clear: Reduce scan times. Provide better images for radiologists. Provide better information for neurologists and neurosurgeons. Deliver a better experience for patients.

Financial incentives

STAGE™ will transform your radiology department by streamlining workflows, improving patient throughput, increasing revenue, and elevating the patient experience.

STAGE™ has the most sensitive and robust techniques for quantifying the progression of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. For TBI, we can see four to five times more micro-hemorrhages and correlate that with outcomes.

Dr. Karen Tong

Neuroradiologist - Loma Linda University Hospital


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2024 International Women’s Day: Why Inclusion Matters in Neurology and Neuroimaging

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) — “Inspire Inclusion” – takes on added meaning when it comes to neurology and neuroimaging. In fact, data from multiple credible sources indicate that inclusion has impacts on healthcare far beyond improving gender equality. You could even consider “All Hands on Deck” as an alternative theme“2024 International Women’s Day: Why Inclusion Matters in Neurology and Neuroimaging”

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SpinTech MRI and Yale New Haven Hospital Collaborate to Examine the Impact of STAGE

SpinTech MRI and Yale New Haven Hospital to Examine Impact of STAGE on MRI Brain Exam Times, Backlogs, Workflows and Outcomes in Routine Clinical Use Collaboration will assess operational and clinical impacts of STAGE through an analysis of neuroimaging efficiency, reporting workflows and clinical outcomes in actual cases BINGHAM FARMS, MI, Nov. 27, 2023 –“SpinTech MRI and Yale New Haven Hospital Collaborate to Examine the Impact of STAGE”

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The Road to RSNA with SpinTech MRI

The SpinTech MRI team is hard at work preparing for radiology’s biggest event of the year! Here are all the details you need to know about our plan to highlight our STAGE™ platform that speeds image acquisition time by up to 30%, provides radiologists with better quality images, and drives higher revenue and throughput for“The Road to RSNA with SpinTech MRI”

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