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Ward MedTech Strategist Innovation SF 2021 EDIT

SpinTech CEO Presents STAGE at MedTech Strategist Innovation San Francisco 2021

By: Karen Holzberger, President & CEO of SpinTech MRI

Ward Detwiler, our President & CEO, had the opportunity to speak about how STAGE is innovating the world of MR at MedTech Strategist Innovation 2021.

“Transforming what is possible with MRI […] Comprehensive brain imaging in half the time.”

SpinTech MRI’s STAGE imaging software platform enables comprehensive, quantitative, multi-contrast brain imaging with 40% faster scan times than conventional MRI. STAGE is compatible with existing equipment and provides standardized data across manufacturers. Running on top of this rich-data platform is a suite of automated AI/ML biomarker detection and quantification tools, with extensive research validation in conditions including dementia, stroke, TBI, MS, Parkinson’s, and tumors. STAGE is FDA 510K cleared and in use at over 60 top research sites globally.

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