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CMB Characteristics 1

Characteristics of Cerebral Microbleeds

By: Karen Holzberger, President & CEO of SpinTech MRI

Author(s): Juyoun Lee , Eun Hee Sohn , Eungseok Oh , Ae Young Lee
Journal: Dementia and Neurocognitive Disorders
Published: 2018
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CMB Characteristics

Cerebral microbleeds (CMBs) are increasingly recognized neuroimaging findings, occurring with cerebrovascular disease, dementia, and aging. CMBs are associated with subsequent hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke, and also with an increased risk of cognitive deterioration and dementia. They occur in the setting of impaired small vessel integrity due to hypertension or cerebral amyloid angiopathy. This review summarizes the concepts, cause or risk factors, histopathological mechanisms, and clinical consequences of CMBs.

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