A Comparison of Time-Efficient MR Techniques and Critical Details to Consider

So….You want to shorten the time of your MRI protocols, while also preserving the quality of the images? SpinTech MRI has the solution for you.

The following abstract, led by members of Yale School of Medicine – Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, gives a structured overview of the concept of MRI acceleration, and the main approaches to shortening neuroimaging. The abstract also gives a summary of the most recent developments in the field, an overview of the current applications and perspectives for clinical usage, while also highlighting the current shortcomings and their potential remedies.

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Editorial: Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping in Neurodegeneration

Editorial: Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping in Neurodegeneration

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of resolution on iron content using quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM); to verify the consistency of QSM across field strengths and manufacturers in evaluating the iron content of deep gray matter (DGM) of the human brain using subjects from multiple sites; and to establish a susceptibility baseline as a function of age for each DGM structure using both a global and regional iron analysis.

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