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Quantitative Data with Rapid Turnaround

As a leader in brain MRI processing, quantification, and analysis, SpinTech supports leading researchers and pharmaceutical companies in the work of discovering new treatments and cures. SpinTech provides image processing and reporting through a secure, cloud-based interface with quick turnaround times. We offer quantitative identification and analysis of neurological abnormalities with the ability to locate and quantify biomarkers unseen with conventional imaging.  

Our Capabilities


Susceptibility Weighted Imaging (SWI)


Flow quantification


White Matter Hyperintensity (WMH) detection and quantification


Susceptibility Weighted Imaging and Mapping (SWIM)


Iron quantification


Perfusion Weighted Imaging (PWI)


Cerebral Microbleed (CMB) detection and quantification

How it Works

With no additional scans necessary, we accept raw magnitude and phase image data from scanners of all makes and turn around reports in two days or less.

Example Report

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