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One software to streamline your radiology department’s workflows, increase patient throughput, improve patient experience, and deliver enhanced, quantitative MRI to improve neuroimaging capabilities.

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Improved Throughput. Increased Reimbursement.

As procedural reimbursement continues to decline, solutions that drive cost-efficiency and better patient throughput can help increase your revenue. SpinTech’s innovative STAGE software provides an average of 40% faster brain MRI scans, allowing your staff to achieve higher patient throughput and a better MRI experience.

Our advanced processing software enables your hospital or imaging center to run faster brain MRIs without sacrificing image quality, taking your machines offline, or investing in expensive new hardware. Instead of expending capital on new machines, easily improve the efficiency of the machines you already have with STAGE.

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Improve Patient Experience

Shorter Scan Times. Happier Patients.

Few patients, if any, would describe a brain MRI as a positive, fun or comfortable experience. Cutting down necessary scan times by an average of 40% can help reduce the time patients experience discomfort, and the enhanced image outputs can reduce the likelihood patients will need a rescan. Get one software upgrade for fewer complaints, happier patients, and a higher quality of care.

Standardized Data Across All Magnets

Improved scheduling. Reliable Results.

In the past, patients needed to be scanned on the same machine during repeat visits for consistent scan results. STAGE solves this by standardizing data across manufacturers and magnets, providing consistent, quantitative images across scanners. This enables reliable, straightforward longitudinal assessment across your network, easing workflow and scheduling bottlenecks.

Easy Setup. Secure Architecture.

Seamless Workflow Integration

STAGE is an easy addition to your current workflows and equipment, and it’s compatible with most major MRI manufacturers like Siemens, GE, and Philips. The software automatically sends processed images back to the PACS. The result is high-quality, accurate, repeatable results and data outputs compatible across analysis platforms.

Increased Scheduling Flexibility

By eliminating the need for patients to be scanned on the same machine during each visit, STAGE gives you the freedom to schedule patients to maximize the efficiency of your facility’s resources. Increase patient satisfaction by lowering scan wait times while simultaneously increasing throughput and department efficiency.

Introducing STAGE

Enhanced. Quantitative. Standardized. Averaging 40% Faster Brain MRI.

With an average of 40% faster MRI acquisition and processing, STAGE creates immediate clinical value* by increasing throughput and workflow efficiency for your organization.

Given the growing constraints of reimbursement, labor costs and space, STAGE creates an opportunity to see more patients every day while also enhancing the quality of care.

*STAGE has not been evaluated by the FDA and is intended for research purposes only.

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